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Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP)

An Initiative to Make Indian Industry Globally Competitive

Manisha Rungta
Manisha Rungta

Published on: Jul 11, 2023

Nandini Sharma
Nandini Sharma

Updated on: Mar 29, 2024

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In order to boost and equip the emerging biotech enterprises to commence strategic research and innovation to address the nationally relevant product development requirements, the Department of Biotechnology had set up the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (hereinafter referred to as “BIRAC”).

Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (hereinafter referred to as “BIPP”) was launched in January 2009 by BIRAC, with the objective to extend support by sharing cost for the enhancement of technology areas having economical potential, and falling under the national priorities in the fields of health, green manufacturing, agriculture and bio-energy. The distinctive feature of this Scheme is that it aids in the process of research and product development, while the intellectual property rights remain with the Fund Recipient Industry.

Eligibility Criteria

Following are eligible to submit proposals under BIPP:

  1. Indian Company or a group of Indian Companies – Incorporated under Indian Companies Act, 2013, in which minimum 51 percent of shares are held by Indian Citizens possessing Indian Passport, wherein the Indian Citizens do not cover Person of Indian Origin and Overseas Citizenship of India holders.
  2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) – Incorporated under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, wherein at least half of the partners must be Indian Citizens.

The proposal can be submitted solely or jointly by a Company or LLP with any Private/Public University or Colleges in India, national research laboratories or any not-for-profit private research labs/societies/foundation/NGO having proper accreditation or registration from any Government Body. Further, the applicant Company or LLP should either have appropriate in-house facilities for project implementation or is incubated at any recognized incubation facility.

Process of Registration or Proposal Submission

The proposal is to be submitted online on the website of BIRAC (usually, three calls are advertised on the portal every year). The steps are as follows:

  1. Log on the BIRAC.
  2. In case of Registered User, log in could be done by using the credentials.
  3. In case of New User (Company or LLP), Registration is required to be done by going on New User Registration tab. A computer-generated password will be conveyed to the e-mail address given during the registration. This password could be changed later on.
  4. Click on BIPP link and then active calls would be visible by clicking on Call for Proposal tab therein.
  5. The proposal has to be submitted by Company/LLP by clicking on the Proforma for Project Submission link.
  6. Other Documents which are required to be submitted for receiving funding are:
    • Grant-In-Aid Letter Agreement
    • No-Lien Account
    • Letter of Authorization
    • Board Resolution
    • Royalty Agreement
    • In-House Research & Development
    • Utilization Certificate and Statement of Expenditure for BIPP Contribution
  7. All the proposals will be peer reviewed by the Area Review Panel consisting of area-specific experts.
  8. The proposals selected by ARP will be placed before Technical Expert Committee (hereinafter referred to as “TEC”), which will further recommend the proposals to be called for the presentation.
  9. Site visit will be done of the projects selected by TEC.
  10. Final decision will be taken by the Apex Committee, after final review done by TEC.

Key Compliances for Fund Recipient

  1. Submission of Detailed Milestone Completion Report after successful completion of each Milestone, since the fund disbursement is done by the Council in five instalments.
  2. Submission of Utilization Certificate and Statement of Expenditure duly certified by internal finance personnel or auditor to Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council in the format provided on the completion of the respective milestones in the specified format
  3. Payment of Royalty to BIRAC at the rate five percent on yearly net sales of the product developed with the financial aid provided by BIRAC, within sixty days of close of the Financial Year


The BIPP is a public-private partnership programme with the objective of promoting innovation and extending support to high-risk research projects within the Industry, wherein fifty percent of the approved project cost is borne by the Government. Around 214 projects with the funding of Rs. 523 crores have been supported through this scheme. It has led to the enhancement of global competitiveness of the Indian industries in new and inventive technologies, and increased the ownership of Intellectual Property amongst the Indian biotechnology industry.


The information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The content of this article is not intended to create and receipt of it does not constitute any relationship. Readers should not act upon this information without seeking professional legal counsel.

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