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Most legal professionals are experts in specific areas, and are natural writers; their opinion can help many gain from their expertise.

However, very few get platform to present to a larger audience. With legal professionals from 100+ countries visiting our website, social media feeds every week; having your work published with Lawrbit can help you reach millions and opens a world of opportunity for you

Collaborate with Legal experts

Basis your selected subject, we can connect you with our internal or industry as co-author or assist you in research, proof read, format & publish your articles

Create Personal Branding

For single or large multi country opportunities, our partner network can be leveraged to collaborate. Lawrbit project managers can bring these partners together for a time bound deliveries

Share Your Knowledge

If you’re someone who has a passion towards supporting a cause or loves to teach, writing can provide the opportunity to educate others interested in your field of expertise.

FAQs from aspiring writers

There are 1,000s of laws globally and legal professionals are facing multiple challenges related to many of them.

You can write on plethora of topics ranging from New Laws, regulatory updates with potential to impact many, procedures or collaborate with our legal experts to publish Compliance Calendars for Global territories.

Yes, all article will be published with credits to the author and co-authors

It would be published on Lawrbit’s website/s, softwares, social media pages, newsletters and other linked platforms

No. We will publish only original content. We will check your content for plagiarism and if found plagiarised, it would be rejected. We suggest you check your content for any plagiarism before sharing with us.

Not necessary. Our audience is Global and we cater to Global subjects too

While we make an attempt to publish most of the work we get; it's the final discretion of our editing team to decide whether the work will be published.

You give full right to Lawrbit to use and publish your work product on its portals and platforms. Once shared with publishing team, it cannot be rolled back.

You can fill up the form with your contact details, profiles and our editing team will get in touch with you.

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