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Implementation Services

Reimagine your Governance & Risk Framework

with Lawrbit's business, legal and technical experties and proven methodology

Global GRC implementation requires globalised framework with a localised expertise.

Our centralised project Management and Technical teams works closely with our experienced legal partners across globe to bring the domain knowledge relevant to area of law and jurisdiction to ensure successful implementation of our GRC Solutions.

Lawrbit implementation services are driven by well researched methodology and framework that provides a systematic and structured approach. Equipped with a comprehensive set of best practices, procedures, rules and templates, Lawrbit partners with clients and spearheads planning and execution through the lifecycle of implementation and post Go-Live.

Enterprise implementations are unique, comprising complexities and challenges unique to the client organisation, basis organisational structure, maturity curves, key stakeholders’ involvement, value drivers and many other factors. Hence our implementation process are customised to suit client’s needs.

GRC implementation needs a Bundled configuration and services packs provide a transparent component pricing, feature development and maintenance of the App. By building strong implementation methodologies, foundational practices, delivery techniques and resources pools, we ensure that the most complex GRC projects are made simple and successful.

Overview - Implementation Process

Business Discovery
Compliance obligation
Checklist finalisation
Create Authority &
Responsibility Matrix
Application Setup
& User Activation
User Trainings &
Application Go-Live

Customised Implementation Package Best Suited for you

Go-live in as little as 2 months

Our team has pre-designed implementation strategies that have worked for companies just like yours.

  • Lawrbit Professional Services team research about client’s business industry and prepare a customised questionnaires that helps them understand your business and identify applicable laws and regulations.
  • Together with your business and compliance team, our Law Firm Partners across globe perform “Business Discovery” to best understand business operations, functions, product, services, locations, company type, etc and identify applicable compliance obligations within applicable laws
  • By marrying our expertise with a deep understanding of your business situation, we ensure your needs are solved efficiently and effectively while sidestepping pitfalls that may interfere with performance.
  • By utilizing a portfolio of services that allow you to achieve maximum value, we drive towards your goals and help you get the most out of your investment.
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