Terms and Conditions for Lawrbit’s Guest Writers

  1. This content is written exclusively for Lawrbit Lextech India Private Limited (“Lawrbit” or “Company”), its partners, subsidiaries or affiliates including social media platforms, software applications, etc.
  2. The content is originally drafted and written either by the author himself or with the contribution of other authors and no portion of it has been copied and / or adopted, from any other source;
  3. Once published on Lawrbit’s website, portals, the copyright in respect of this article shall vest with Lawrbit.
  4. Lawrbit shall have irrevocable rights to use this content at any platform, including website, newsletters, softwares, social media platforms, etc;
  5. The author or any of the co-authors can submit this work to Lawrbit and execute the agreement on behalf of other co-authors;
  6. The author and / or co-authors of this literary work, article, blog, etc
    1. has not been previously published in any mode of publication either in whole or in part;
    2. shall not publish their literary work, article, blog published by Lawrbit on any other platform/s;
    3. will not allow / permit any other agencies or organisation to publish the work;
    4. Have performed online plagiarism check to ensure this work is not plagiarised or violate copyright of any other writer or publisher;
  7. The literary work, article, blog is a voluntary initiative of the author and co-authors and is provided to Lawrbit on pro bono basis, the author and / or co-authors shall not be eligible for compensation or royalty ever;
  8. Lawrbit possess all the right to publish and remove this content from its platforms, at any time, without giving any reasons, whatsoever;
  9. In case the content violates or infringe Intellectual Property rights belong to any other organisation / individual, the author/authors shall be solely responsible for any such violation and damages;
  10. Author and all the co-authors shall indemnify Lawrbit against any claims, harms, damages, infringement, suits, and litigations.
  11. If the Author is in breach of any of these undertakings, the publisher shall have the right to cease making the contributions and/or to require that the Author makes any necessary revisions to the contributions:
  12. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and the courts at New Delhi India shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction in matters connected herewith.

I, hereby, declare that I have read and understood the Terms for guest writers to publish their literary work, articles, blogs, etc on Lawrbit’s technology platforms.

I, understand that to finalize and publish my literary work, article, blog, etc, needs a lot of involvement, time, and efforts from Lawrbit’s legal, editing, designing, and technology teams and it helps me enhance my brand value and career prospects by publishing this work. Also, I have volunteered to provide my work on a pro-bono basis.

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