Life experiences and hiring tips for startup founders

Haven't you heard this specially when you are in the hiring team of a start-up, out of many challenges and apprehensions this one has always topped the chart and raised discomfort with the potential hires.

In many ways, start-ups have their share of ups and downs well before when the idea of introducing something new is conceived and delivered as you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a "New Dream".

With above dream in your eyes, you have so far witnessed initial break down of finding like-minded partners, pulling in all your hidden savings to an empty box and starting from a very low profile office or sometimes from a living area of your abode, thereafter, taking that first step of reaching out to your known connects to give you that confidence and of course the business (if it is in their capacity).

With all the above getting streamlined, being an entrepreneur, you have invested lot of time, effort, money, sleepless nights, long very long relationship with your mobile and absolutely no time for anything else under the sun. You need a helping hand, a passionate team to take bit of your work load with very limited money as an ASK.

Is it a wrong expectation, may be yes...


Because you are a start up and no one trusts you and think you really can make it BIG someday.

Friends, Relatives comes to your rescue (pun intended) and starts referring you to random folks who are indeed on a job look out without even giving a damn about the fitment for your little start up.

Amid establishing your footprints on the ground, you shout for help and start looking out (one more start up) for people to join you. Pillar to post you or your partner runs, job posting, job portals, campus drives, referrals, job fairs just to attract that talent lost in the crowd for your young very young organisation.

It's not easy; you must taste it to feel it.. Few major outbursts of job seekers to join start-up:

  1. There's No HR, No Policies
  2. Flexibility or comfort
  1. Compensation guarantee or less money which gets offered
  2. Lack of company's reputation
  3. Fancy office and world class cafeteria (thanks to the MNCs for spoiling us)
  4. Job Security

One and the only one answer you can give to those rolling eyes and raised eyebrows is "You have to trust us, remember Rome was not built in a day".

With my experience of being in HR fraternity for a more than decade and a half; working with many startups and winning various industry accolades, I have realised and summed up few take aways which can help Start-ups speed up their hiring:

  1. Hire from Tier 3 & 4 cities (remember they have experience of living and surviving in limited resources)
  2. Share your piece of cake with them (your Board Room challenges, your business deals, leads, lost opportunities, financial mess and that little home brought lunch)
  3. Be the answer to all their problems & anxieties
  4. Try to become an idol boss
  5. Have good sense of humour and sense of pride
  6. Offer learning and development opportunities
  7. Encourage socialisation; within & outside
  8. Celebrate small things and successes

Keep doing the above and remember the time when you left your cushy job, business class travel, 5 star hotel stay, 8 figure salary, international holidays to spending all you have saved to live your dream become worth it !

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