When running away was not an option

Dealing with anxiety, stress, insecurities,
dilemma, financial burden in uncertain times

Shalini Kohli
Shalini Kohli

Published on: May 3, 2020

Updated on: Nov 28, 2022

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Nothing beats a well beaten coffee, comfortably brewed tea or a chilled glass of Roohafza on any bad day, likewise a perfect blessing is to experience your own fears and uncertainties from someone’s eyes.

Flight is going to take off and I am urging you all to hop in and experience the most turbulent times we are in and how we need to rise and shine once the flight lands...

We are in the most safest place on the earth with the most loving members around, our Home…the trees are greener than before, sky is in its full teen wearing the beautiful blue, birds are chirping much louder and clearer and roads are noiseless and manicured yet we are feeling lost, anxious, stressed, depressed and most importantly insecure.

Is there anything wrong about having this feeling, no, absolutely not, I have been an HR professional with close to 2 decades and have seen these uncertainties in many eyes when we were to take some tough and rough decisions. Those uncertainties were manageable but the ones we are in right now needs to see a much stronger and a better version of us.

Often than not, we get post on our timelines to create awareness about mental health, very many times, we are asked to repost them on our handles to show we are there, we are there to listen, we are there to help, we are there to stand in the times of need. That times of need is NOW, those hearing aids should be given NOW, those helping hands needs to be extended NOW, those words of wisdom are valued NOW.

The internet is full of stories, articles, blogs, podcast and vlogs helping us to fight disorders and attain mental peace and yet we are seeking solace, a ray of hope and a sunshine to fade away the clouds and we like a toddler take our first the very first step and run fearlessly.

We have heard this quote all most every time and every where but it holds the utmost importance today “when the going get tough, the tough get going”.

It is imperative for our well being to stand up and take the bull by its horns, we need to get up every morning wearing our trade mark smile to thank almighty for the night that has gone by and a beautiful bright day which has risen.



Follow exercise, meditation, yoga, reading regime, think innovative breakfast ideas (eating routine stuff is another level of boredom) so keep exploring, get dressed and start your work day with the same enthusiasm we had before these times struck us.

Let me take an opportunity and share a personal experience with you all, being a parent of 8 years old every day is a learning for me, very many times, I learn new words, new sign language and most importantly the ascent from her (thanks to the you tube channels). She is super active, adorable and an extremely social child who can lit up the darkest room. While she understands more or less if I may say about the pandemic we are in but she definitely appreciates the impact this pandemic has had in her own home and her own life, She has all the time to learn, play, draw, paint, dance, sing, without any pressure, any pressure to sleep early, pressure of getting up early to follow the usual monotonous routine of spending more than a half day at school and another half at home without much energy left.

The new normal is going very well with her and she is contended. You know why, cos children are the most adaptable moving creatures, they don’t have baggage like us, as to what will happen now, how will we handle this, we will be out of job, oh we may need a therapist and list goes on. I know most of you would have grinned reading the above and said in your mind, that kids have nothing to worry as we parents are there for them so what a big deal if they are happy with this new normal, it is US who are the victims. Aahhhh the self pity knocks at our door yet again and we are depressed yet again!

Let us stop self pitying ourselves and rise to the occasion of raising a tequilla toast when someone handovers the lemon to us and not think about the sourness of it. Today’s time is that LEMON for us, the tequilla shot is waiting deep inside our mind, heart, body, soul to be raised and cheered upon, cheer yourself, cheer others like we did while burning diyas, candles and ringing bells few weeks earlier.

If we all believe in astrology, I am sure by now you all know that there will be financial, economic crises worldwide, but am sure our long grim faces will not uplift it either, so lets focus on the ray of home where India’ being the booming country are also predicted, the best of the times to nurture our manufacturing capabilities in the times to come, world wide countries are seeing India as a great potential for the industrial, manufacturing, IT / ITES hubs, there is no doubt that we are a hardworking community with a sensitive heart and beautiful emotions.

We too have short memory and are adaptable to stand strong after the storm has passed so why offer ourselves in a platter to these sad times.

In the midst of writing this piece, came across a news of a sad demise of Irrfan Khan, who is one of my favorite, what life and impact this man had on us, man of less words and intense eyes doing all the talking, such unpredictable the life is. Isn’t this teach us a lot to mull over the fact of being sad, depressed, anxious, insecure, angry to be enthusiastic, charming, cheerful, optimist and visionary ‘coz in the end when it is going to end, it will, no matter or hard we try or fight !

Let us live today and welcome tomorrow..!
Let us smile today and laugh tomorrow..!
Let us shine today and sparkle tomorrow..!
Let us be happy today and ecstatic tomorrow..!
Let our tomorrow always be a better today..!

Remember we all have TWO lives, the second one starts when we know there is only ONE


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