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Demystifying Compliance Management For

Middle Layer NBFC's

Published on: Mar 13, 2024

Updated on: Mar 15, 2024

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  • Founded in 2018, Credit Saison India, a middle layer NBFC accelerating credit growth of india is a subsidiary of Credit Saison Co. Ltd. in Japan
  • Tailored credit solutions offered across verticals to cater the needs of individuals, SMEs, FinTechs, and NBFCs

Key Highlights

  • 8+ offices
  • CRISIL AAA rating
  • Certified as Great Place To Work
  • Headquarter in Japan
  • 400+ Employees
  • Registered NBFC


HOW GCMS Mitigated Risk ?

63+ Applicable Laws     |    467+ Compliance Obligations

80+ License / Registrations     |    180+ Filings / Returns |     150+ Procedural / Ensuring

60% of Compliance with Operational and Imprisonment penalties were alleviated

Customized Guidance
  • Tailored guidance,
    helping to navigate regulations effectively.
  • Training and modules,
    to enhance the awareness and understanding of regulatory requirements
Bridging Knowledge Gap
  • Clarity by providing
    interpretation assistance
    for complex regulatoryguidelines
  • Real time information
    on regulatory changes and updates to minimize the clarity gap
  • Standardize compliance practices across different regulatory standards and Jurisdiction
  • Streamline reporting
    and document processes,enabling our client to maintain accurate records
  • Automate routine compliance task
  • Determine mistakes before escalation, preventing compliance breaches

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our comprehensive compliance calendar for NBFCs.Our meticulously curated calendar outlines all necessary compliances accross various applicable laws, ensuring timely adherence to specified timelines.

Link for the Compliance Calendar : https://www.lawrbit.com/article/regulatory-compliance-calendar-nbfc/

Management Feedback
Bhawani Jhanwar

Mr. Bhawani Jhanwar(Chief Financial Officer)
Credit Saison India (NBFC- Middle Layer)

Lawrbit GCMS compliance tool effectively facilitates listing, managing and tracking all compliances under one umbrella. Dashboards have helped us to check that all compliances are completed on timely basis and non-compliances are easily identified. The support team has been truly exceptional in providing prompt assistance and support whenever needed.

Mr. Tarun Unni Rajagopal(Chief Compliance Office)

As managing compliances is an ongoing cycle for NBFCs, Lawrbit GCMS has fundamentally altered our compliance strategy. Complex rules have been easy for us to manage because of the GCMS’s user-friendly design, extensive capabilities, and real-time regulatory updates. The support team has been excellent in providing prompt assistance as and when required.

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